Somewhere Between Love and Death

by Johnrefe & Joshrefe

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prod entirely by Joshrefe & Marilyn Mansion (@gothboimarilyn)
thank you to everyone who helped/supported love you

ill meet u

somewhere between love and death


released April 25, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Plzdontbinluv [Prod. Marilyn Mansion]
I Thought I saw our shadows walking together
hand in hand thru forever
we could leave here whenever

I still feel like I'm living in October over and over again; again

the leaves were changing but we didn't notice
the sun hit the water
when we were the closest

you shine like an angel
descended from my head
and back into my heart again

Now i count leaves as they fall
and when I dream you're in them all
Ur eyes would sparkle and you would laugh
Wake up and wish u never left

Because i knew you didn't wanna believe
And I could tell that you juswanted toleave
This time i won't come back
You can end us here
you can't erase what we had
Track Name: 1heart1grave [Prod. Joshrefe]
say she wanna live 4ever
my heart is freezing like th weather
i wanna share this grave together
iid kill myself just 2 get 2 her

because i need you here beside me
driving in my car while we're looking up at lightning
i feel ur hand and i feel like i could live 4ever
so dont u wanna betogether

you said that
you wouldn't go

and last night
we painted pictures in the moonlit snow

all black in our coffin, next 2 me
being dead w u is the best2 me
when all the trees lose all their leaves
ill meet u there we'll finally leave

and im waiting 4 u
6 feet under refe mansion
in this grave 4 2

and i saved this for you
a single black rose
and a poem made for you
Track Name: Spill My Guts [Prod. Marilyn Mansion]
split me open down the middle
And spill my guts
Spill my guts
When my actions aren't enough

Black rain it falls
When I'm waiting on your call
covered in blood, surrounded by walls
myonly choice was 2 end it all

thats when i knew u had enough
you tell me that my head is fucked
i thought i was the one you trust
just pretend i didnt say a thing at all

cuz u cant breathe if you are dead
im only breathing off ur breath
we'll take the world so take my hand
ive been up all night making plans
Track Name: Berlin // Moscow (feat. e_rich) [Prod. Joshrefe]
Blood drops falling from my finger tips
The Sidewalk in Berlin is such a nice place to sit
it's hit or miss and I lov that hit
I'm glad you quit but I miss your cigarette kiss
Grey rain drops hit my face so soft
Just like your skin and all the emotions you brought
Ur on my mind when I'm lost in thought,
balance me out, I just can't stop
Let's take a walk, just to talk
getting lost on every block

black ravens at my funeral
sitting next 2 me
you were so beautiful ,, we melted in ecstasy
hannah killed me with her lips like morphine
she did everything 2 torture me
from berlin 2 moscow
this feeling that i must have
ill never forget
ill never erase
we must reconstruct
we must put this monument back in place

we would talk there for hours on end
you'd sink into my head
tear me open from the inside out
watching movies on the couch
andwe made plans to see
germany and france but it seems
ur spaceship took off w/o me
i wonder can u see me from the next galaxy
you said that we were best friends
but im pathetic
remind me not to botheryou at all again
Track Name: WasItAnAccident? [Prod. Joshrefe]
still remember the time when we first met
my hands were shaking youre so cold you had me frozen
couldnt think of the words i was so nervous
andwhen you said hello i knew that you weere perfect
was it an accident when u put your hand on mine in the backseat
was it an accident when u put your hand on mine in the frontseat
and told me that you loved me

im waiting here right where you left me
it hought you'd notice i'd stayed behind
and as the nights pass
i feel frustrated
your voice theo nly thing on my mind
cuz i cant hear you from where you are
remember the nights spent in the car
when we would drive for miles just to get away
from all the things that our friends would say

now i spend my time thinking if you think of me
but i knpw that you never would you are so lovely
i guess it was an accident when i kissed u
but i cant get u out my brain and i miss u
Track Name: Overdose (feat. YungJzaisDead) [Prod. Joshrefe]
petals decomposing on my bedroom floor
i need u here lik the water in th e dirt
im wilting all alone in the low light
just leave me alone il b alright
i feel dangerous
i cant relate shit
when i come in the room they wanna take pics
but i still cant explain anything i wanna say


i cant wait 2 spend the spring w you
invertred krosses on her wrist ur o sotrvue
she said seh feeling like she overdose
and i cant help but say i told u so
Track Name: Nxt 2 Me [Prod. Marilyn Mansion]
im smokin blunts w Refe team
n u can't hang w me ...
how could we b so close b4
now u spend sum1 else's green ..

You couldn't keep up w my Refe dreams
now I gotta Refe girl sitting next 2 me

Black widows hanging off her hair
Robert smith pic hanging on the wall by the stairs
I'm countin up @ th places we used 2 hang
Where u would say all those things u didn't mean