SRY GIRL (feat. King Christian)

by Joshrefe

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produced by Joshrefe


she jus like me cuz i stay close
sry girl you cant just like my face tho
figure out sumn to say ho :/
i aint goT all fuckin day tho

[king christian]:
she dont like me but she stay tho
im just tryna do me and lay low
figure out sumn to say ho
i aint abt 2 sit here and wait ho
one day im dodgin your txts
the next day im dodgin your face blows
but i wont get away
ill get black eyes every single day
and we'll stay
together for no reason for another day

give me back my guitar
fall back all the way
no txts 2 my phone
we aint nvr met b4

[king christian]:
ill forget your face
and it wont be tough
nothing feels misplaced
we were not in love


released July 2, 2016



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