digital devotion ep

by joshrefe

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released September 16, 2015

Production by Marilyn Mansion, Joshrefe & Yung Jza.



all rights reserved
Track Name: hotel bed [prod. marilyn mansion]
our lives, wasted, in this hotel bed we lay in
we cant leave, not yet, cuz i still have all of this money in my pocket
real life, we run away, no jobs no friends no worries
and im not thinkin bout university
im still thinkin bout the ways that you hurt me
and if you really want this chance
ill be waitin in our bed
and if you really want this to end
i guess ill just wait here to die
or ill get up and start a new life
without you by my side

so i got out of bed
even tho i didnt wanna wake up
and i went thru my pockets and got
all of the change i could scrape up
and you said that
you bled black
and i just
cant believe that i fell for that
you took it all wen you walked out
but yet you didnt take a thing
i lay back in our hotel bed
and watch my whole family bleed
all this time i swore you were the best
but best to me is now a dagger in my chest..
Track Name: chchchokaparadise [prod. joshrefe]
and i can hear berts voice
its got me bleedin all nite
and i can feel it in my xxxxxxx
black ravens let me go
and now she tryna fall in luv
i think i wanna go home
refe mansion
thursday playin on the stereo
blacked out
im layin in my bed
im drunk jus listening 2 yung bruh
cuz i killed myself at refe masion tonight
cuz if i could just leave it all behind ..
and find myself in chhchchchchoka paradise
Track Name: her nickasaur shirt (feat. cold hart) [prod. yung jza]
im in la at the medic droid show
and district lines sold all my clothes
and your lip ring cut into my throat
wen u sang along to songs we know

her nickasaur shirt
her long blonde hair
the patches shes sewed on everywhere

she listens to lifelover all night
and has every album by hold tight!
she never asks me for a thing
cuz shes cashing out right nxt 2 me
cuz shes my post emo girl
and live in our own digi punk world

she smokes my packk after long days
she turned truepunxx wen she ran away
and after every refe show
we hop a train to go back home

[cold hart]:
baby u ain't ever goin home
digi rave girl Ravin all night long
devil wears prada T shirt on me
she a emo girl but she like Gucci
so nevershoutnever Kos I'll always be there
and we gon flex anywhere Kos we don't care
do u wanna come over and watch invader zim
place ur body on mine make the lights go dim
I swear to god I won't stop til ur shaking ?